Apple Temptation, super-magic, not addictive

Apple Temptation comes again. This is a welfare version. Keep the classic play.

The scene happened in a desert, two people walking in the desert, too tired. They just want to play a game, and the reward is the water bag. Look at my arrow, I will snatch your water bag.


New version of the game address: click The Temptation Of Apple welware version

This issue recommends a shooting game for everyone, a little bloody, but super super-magical.There’s no stopping playing it at all.

When I was a child, I played with my little partner, often climbed the tree, then left the branches behind, and then tried the elasticity of the branches, biubiu, to see the distance from the branch bounce, that is the distance away. Then look for a rubber band and a rope to make a bow string, just the branch to do the bow. Then take the remaining near-difference branch as a bow and arrow. The game depends on who shoots far.Also remember edges a small companion to pose, then pull the bow, piu bow fell to the ground. A burst of laughter, and a small partner also put on a cool pose, and then pull the bow, the bow exploded. I want to have joy when I was a child. Come and try this archery game.

Play: Control the left villain to shoot apple, arrow will shake with a certain law, To click can shoot the arrow. Remember that never hurt the right person

Game Address: click The Temptation Of Apple