Peak Adventure, which is said to be a game in which girls get high marks more easily than boys

This time recommended a vertical version of the running and jumping game. cute rabbit, Let us to see who can be more high score

You’ve seen the rabbit in the zoo, haven’t you?Jump, white budding and eating grass.Of course, maybe some people look at the place, the rabbit is red, next to the bread or something. Rabbit is so cute, how can eat rabbit rabbit.But the bunny is square, and the ears and mouth are squares.It’s still red.Jump in its home. Every piece of land is square, and there are some bombs, too heart-hearted.Rabbit is so cute, how can it be so. Want to see such a world, today’s this is.

Play: You control a super cute rabbit, the left and right of the screen control the left and the right jump.Click the screen, then rabbit jumps to the next step.The more you jump, the higher the score.Always be alert to small animals, traps, bombs on the road.

Come and challenge, Game Address: Peak Adventure