The road of music is good to listen and fun, but it is too difficult!Is there anyone?

This game is particularly enjoyable to play, too easy to immerse in. I play it until now there is no clearance yet . Is there anyone to try it

The music is so good. Every time the little editor plays this, my mind will fantasize, I am in a beautiful color composition of the world.I drifted along this white step.Take the wrong step and break the bone.Next to it are some abyss escloser.Every step of drift, the whole world responds. That beautiful voice is a tribute to the conduct.The more you get to the back, the louder the sound will be. I feel like the whole world is responding to me.

Now Playing: The music bar in the game keeps moving forward.Whenever you hit a corner, tap the screen.Pay attention to the diamonds on the road.The most distinctive feature of this game is that the concert changes with the process, especially to the later climax.

Game Address: Music Road