How far go far, to solve all the trouble for you. if you are still in upset, play with it again

This time recommends a super cool game, if you are unhappy and unhappy, absolutely good medicine.Treat all unhappy.

When you add a day shift in the company, then the boss came over, glanced at, put a pile of information on your desk, these must be given to me before work tomorrow. Ah, so much more. Can’t finish tomorrow will not be used, has been in the mind there is a word, how far to me how far.

When you are drawing a beautiful work. One left hand, one with one right hand. Suddenly the elbow was touched, a stabbing, in the beautiful picture left a long scar, this time, you want to this scar, how far to me how far.

This time brings this game, go out of your way, not happy.

Now Playing: Swipe your finger from the bottom up and the ball will roll away. The faster you slide, the farther the ball will roll, the higher the score will be.Invite friends to enjoy it.

Game Address: How Far to Roll How Far