Men go up to 100, let's go.Take you to see the scenery above.

This game comes with a very retro pixel type.In the game you control a warrior bravely up the stairs to challenge their limits.Sometimes the steps fall.

I think this warrior might think, why should I climb up?There is a princess on it, and the princess is particularly chic.There are a pair of bright eyes, and a long golden wave hair, charming smile, smile like crescent bay, slim figure, a smile on the waist, and the most impressive fishtail, NO long legs.Chic beauty.So the Warriors are up to 100.

Play: Watch the steps of the tower some places are empty. You click on the left and right sides of the screen, then the warrior from the corresponding position to climb up. If you are fail on stepping empty stage, the game over.Come on, challenge.It’s a man who goes up 100 floors.

Game Address: It’s a man on the 100th floor