See how colorful you are, To see more no longer feel colorful

This time recommend a special colorful game. Don’t dazzle your eyes .Treat patients of color trouble.

Remember to have a medical check-up.Everyone is lined up. Check vision, pupils, and sense of smell in turn.What’s the smell? Acid. Okay next, tasteless, next. Skunk, well, the doctor pulled his throat. Who is, who is, which one is off the shoes. Is this going to smoke? That foot. It is estimated that hundreds of days have not been washed.Then perform a color-blind check later.What about the next one? At first glance, Tudor smoked away.Well, no one took off their shoes this time.Take a look at the color.

Play: Find different color blocks from the diagram and click on them. Color is not easy to distinguish.See which level you can challenge.

Game Address: See how colorful you are