Numbers are on the lookout, and Mom's not worried about my intelligence anymore.

This recommendation is a classic puzzle game.Super kill time and get the brain to exercise well.

Think of the little editor when i was a child, there was a Nintendo handheld, there is a game on it.Whenever I get to school, that obsession, that popular.I am playing, surrounded by a circle of a large group of small partners under pressure in a strong watch, so thick, even the wind can not get in.Then a voice, is it fun?Don’t make any noise, line up to go, and then all around the moment is quiet, and then found a teacher standing in that bandageface, and then this palm machine will be frozen in the teacher’s drawer, and then that night went home to kneel on the board.

It’s this game that made me kneel hard for three hours.

Play: Click on the same two numbers on the graph, in line with the classic continuous look at the rules of the game to connect to eliminate.See who can challenge to 1000 points first.Tip, the game also comes with 5 tips

Game Address: Digital Even Look