How many times can you fight, today you are not happy?

This recommendation is a venting type of game.Aren’t you happy?Are you depressed?Are you in love?Have you lost something you love?Have you received any major setbacks?

If all are, I’m sorry. ヽ(。>д<)p This game is not OK, so sympathetic for you, you go to accompany more friends and family.

If there’s only one or two cases, come on. Vent all your dissatisfaction, one round can not then come in the next round.

In the middle of the game iron ball, click on the screen will hit the iron ball, the better the timing, the more the iron ball will fly farther.Iron ball fly will come back, you can then burst the hammer, imagine this iron ball is pain, a hammer, to hammer it bleeding, hammer it far, to hammer it out of the earth.

There’s a little egg here, and there’s a surprise to hammer this iron ball out 180 degrees.

Game Address: How many times can I play