Knocking bricks, moving bricks, but knocking bricks I am sure most people have not seen it

This recommendation is a very relaxed game, knocking bricks. Don’t say I didn’t tell you ha, knock ingon is addictive.

Small editors sometimes see construction workers, with hats of all colors, red hats, white hats, yellow hats.Asked the old man inside, these are to add some color to the site is not? No, that’s a naked level.When did you see bricks with white in there? The bricks were all in yellow hats. In that humming move, I saw that guy’s strong arm. That guy can move 20 bucks at a time. Of course you look at that guy, that’s our best. You can move 30 pieces at a time.The brother’s arms are not very strong. Nonsense, that guy with his head! I rely on, I hate to move bricks. yes, we’re going to break the bricks this time.

Play: When you tap the screen, the ball at the bottom will be fired out.Hitting the brick above will break up.Simply, here’s a trick to find the right time to get the brick that hits the most at a time.

Game Address: Knocking Bricks