The ultimate balance challenge, hold on, can that rope be finer?

This recommendation is a balanced challenge game.It’s not good to fall.

Sometimes you can see clowns in circuses walking in the air.There’s nothing in your hand, the rope is several meters from the ground, and the fine yo, the diameter is estimated to be about the same thickness as the IPHONE.Watch the clown step up with his left foot and put it up, and the rope trembles.The rope wants to say, “Brother, you steady a little, you fall down.”I’m miserable, all the other ropes are operated by hand, and we’re working with our feet. And to carry a crime of harming another species.It’s scary.This time we can make the rope scare. We walked in the high-altitude clouds.

Play: Balance left and right below the screen. When the character is tilting to the left, quickly point to the right.Vice versa.

Game Address: Ultimate Balance Challenge