Dodge Master, since playing this game, feel the body is hollowed out

This game is about a sticky theme.

As a child, Xiao xiao can play a game of escape.Is the small partner divided into two teams, one team is in the middle of the station called A team, the other team on both sides called Team B, A team move freely, and then the B team lost sandbags to hit the A team, so back and forth.Just hit the all-in-a-team A and swap.Remember once. We are the attacker, look at my sandbag, feel God’s sanction.Then it was dark.Hands are broken, there are no sanctions to live.This game is to see everyone to avoid, can avoid for how long, hold on.

Play: There is a little man on the screen, is the main character you control, to keep moving to avoid those shells and bullets.Take advantage of your ghostly running position to see who sticks to the long

Game Address: Dodge Master