See stitches then pin, only 3 people in the world can plug to 41 levels!

Relax please. this game is very easy, do not prick people

Watching movies often sees a blazing flame leaping through the fireplace.Next to an old TV set played a classic program.The wooden floor was covered with a carpet that looked warm.A cat crawled comfortably on it and groaned. A granny sat in that swaying chair, rocking, holding a needle in her hand, and knitting a sweater for her grandson.The light of fire shines on the kind smile, so warm.A sudden knock at the door, a figure forced to open into.Grandma This game is super fun.

Here’s a grand introduction to this game. Super cool, super exciting.

Now Playing: Turica sees the needle, clicks and plugs into the ball.Be careful not to touch other needles.Fill him up and you’ll get through.

Game address: See stitches then pin