Duck adventure, 3 seconds abuse to you have no temper, dare to play?

The ducklings have been seen crossing the river, but no estimate of falling into the river

Fairy tale, the duckling jumps across the river.The river was turbulent, and the duckling tried a few times, feeling that my little wing could not hold back. Then the frog next to him told him, “You see how I cross the river, see the frog pounced on it, and then the thighs, like a rocket, launched out.”The duckling looked at his fine legs, and I thought about it.Think for a long time, no clue, this time the river god appeared, I can help you. Open! A god-like road is well done. The duckling sat on it with great pleasure. River god looked at the duckling background, evil smile.I’ll see how long you can hold on and how long i’ll be happy.

Try this magical path.

Play: Click on the red and green squares at the bottom of the screen to take a step forward.When the duckling sits green in front of it, click on the green, red correspondence.The River God who wants to fast is calling you.

Game Address: Duckling Adventures