Finger piano, to play a charming piece of music?

This is a nice game.

Busy streets.The lively people were loitering there.There is a fountain in the square in the non-stop spewing water flowers, brilliant sunlight, forming a rainbow.The girl said to the boy, “Look beautiful.”I want you to make my life as gorgeous as this rainbow every day. The boy frowned, held his mouth open and smiled and said yes, next to the mother said to the people, you stepped on me, you know no.Then there was a dog chasing a cat, and the cat was chased and ran around.At this time a melodious piano piece came.All the people and animals stopped to listen.This time we brought this song like this.

Play: As the music rhythms, the squares go down and click whenever the black square sits to the bottom. Click at the rhythm, and a beautiful song comes out.

Game Address: Finger Piano