Turn faster, turn very fast !Play dizzy.

This time recommends a turn-around game

A roller coaster of the playground.Whenever the little editor plays this project, the heart trembles and the legs are soft.Just watch that roller coaster go round and fly. When editor fly high. he just want to shout Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. Some people in the car enjoyed it, a circle can not come a circle, small made up to see this thing, legs only burp.Just want to growl at it, turn what, turn your sister ah, too scary.Today brought this game is turn, anyway is not their own go up to turn, know the turn of the cool.

Play: Click on the left and right sides to make the hexagon rotate.Then the surrounding area will fall color blocks.Whenever three are connected, it is eliminated. Turn around and see how many points you can challenge.

Game Address: Turn faster