Bounce a ball, I am the king of pinball, do not accept the challenge!

Bounce a ball, very funny.

Table tennis is known to all. In the seat two people of course can also be four people, one after another.Sometimes play well can draw the ball, see the ball at a very low speed through the opposite table, and then the other side can only hook the ball to save the field.Then being drawn with a faster draw, looping back and forth, the more the two sides hit away from the stage, almost like watching a tennis ball.One side pulls hard, the other side saves the field very hard.Even from time to time one side will play the spinning ball, spin the other side. This game these are not you are the pumping side, draw dead girl.

Play: Swipe down, then appear an arrow, adjust your direction, you can send the ball to kill the brick.See the number on the brick, some bricks are hard is to draw.Start your show.

Game Address : Bounce a ball