2048 hot IQ game, hahaha!I have combined 2048!Let us challenge.

2048 is coming, do you remember that year’s hot network 2048, this time it came here. This is a ready-to-play version without downloading.

Here’s a thing to note, this version of sliding needs to play on the phone, or with the browser phone mode.

Think of when I was a child, small editor sitting in the classroom class, it was a particularly good time. The front row of the classroom is a book area.The little partner here concentrates on the lecture. The sun shines from outside the window in the classroom, pretty warm, with sunny spa areas on the left and right.The last row is the happy area, there will always be small partners in this area to fight. There’s a whispering cross-head ear.There is a look at the teacher, and then a look at the teacher did not look at him, he looked at the comic book under the table. There’s a little note, there’s some little secrets, hey, children’s boots forward, pass it on to that girl. And closed-eyed God, soon you will be able to hear the voice of the cry.Whenever this time is the whole scene laughing, watching the teacher fight these little partners. The little partner looked like a forced face. I miss it so much.

Whenever I’m a little editor, I’m lost and see other students fall in love.I think of my lovely deskmate in my ear. You cross the line, warn you are not allowed to cross the line, lovely children’s shoes will tie me with a pen. Then the heart accompanied by ah ah ah ah ah scream. Small editor I silently hold back it.The editor is also a good teenager who maintains classroom discipline.

Maths is the most impressive lesson for small editors. The teacher wrote all kinds of mathematical formulas on the blackboard. Then the sun came in outside the classroom, warm.Look at this sunshine heart is also beautiful.Look at the lovely classmate next to you.She stared at me like a hard one and looked at the middle line. Hey, woman!Then go back to learning.Oh, my God. What a ghost this is, I don’t understand!Why are there two symbols that the blackboard doesn’t know!!!

The game recommended for everyone today is a math puzzle. Of course it’s fun and relaxing. Small editor played under the feeling that if that year math can also be so small editor will certainly be able to take an excellent.Come and play 2048!

Now Playing: Swipe your fingers up and down and left and right, and then the numbers slide.When the numbers are the same, they add up.For example, 2 and 2 will become 4. Repeat this process all the time to see if you can reach 2048!

Game address 2048.