1+1 Easy answer right, the king of the mind gives me who, please come to worship.

This brings the game quite simple. 1+1 King of the Mind, invite friends to challenge. Simple questions don’t have to be compared to friends.

A small game of 1 + 1.

When the editor was a child, the teacher in math class taught is 1 plus 1 equal to how many ha?And then the little friend looked so hard!?Then the teacher said it was 2, and I said 2. How much is one plus one? 2 2 2 2 2 levels are not the same.

Then we liked to play a little game. Super interesting and misleading 100 points. Put out a finger and look at each other’s glasses and ask how many ha it is. Then stick out a finger and say add one, this time the finger action will attract the other side.Finally put out another finger to ask is equal to a few ha. Hey, hey, you can appreciate the answer opposite at this time. You can try magic games with your little buddy.

After playing this little game, you can try this game.The whole journey will only hover between 123.Come and be better than a little buddy.

1+1 play.

As shown in the figure, the question is displayed in the middle and then goes into the countdown, selecting the correct answer below, remembering the countdown time.The editor-in-chief reached a maximum of 20 points, welcome to challenge.

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