The fastest brain, come and tap your potential!

The fastest brain invites you to exercise your brain. If the brain doesn’t use this thing for a long time, it will slack off. Let’s exercise it like we exercise our muscles.

Do you remember last one game 1 + 1, that is also another game exercise our brains. Give a correct answer quickly in a certain period of time. Countdown time can be very stressful and nervous so that you maybe make a mistake careless. But this game is another method for exercising brains.

Little story of the fastest brain.

You’ll see a scene in the park. The young man walked the dog there, and when he saw the ball, the dog ran quickly to the ball back. Then someone was flying a kite there, and the little hands shook quite rhythmically. That kite will fly at once, that jitter god level is not a general operation, in that breeze of autumn, he actually flew the kite. There are young people sitting on the tablecloth, you say I taste the food, chat about the interesting things around, from time to time laugh.

There’s a master on the track running hard there.Soon it was sweating, and more than one had a little young. When I was young, I felt that master was really fierce and powerful. Hey, you don’t understand. Young people, you occasionally run, take pictures and share them on social networks. Master is really love sports, people really want to live a little err.

So our brain to move more, you can consider the master’s way to do a brain exercise.

The fastest brain play.

The figure gives a simple number of 1 0 0, using your superior intelligence to add the operators in the figure to make the expression result in 1. Simple enough and fun enough to challenge ha with your friends.

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