Flip flip, move your finger to eliminate a piece, 1000 points can you reach?

Flip flip, this game is a little bit, happy on the appearance of the game.The more points there are, the more they will be mumbled together, and the joy will mumble.

This and the previous game numbers a little close to ha, one is like a series of look to connect two identical numbers together, on the biu a bit of elimination. Another hey hey hey super cool elimination.

Flip flip the little things to look at.

That is, the last time the numbers even look, go home and kneel after the board.I go home in pain, next time must not kneel on the board.Then go back to school and pull out the game.Hahaha, okay, I got the machine back. There was a smooth play, and on the last time we had to clear customs, a sound came from my ear. Is this more fun than last time? That’s not right. Then I looked back, ah!Teacher. Then the handheld was frozen in the teacher’s drawer for the second time.

And then I got home, and I threw the board.This time there was no kneeling board. It’s the keyboard that hurts me under my knee.Heartache keyboard for a few seconds, recommended for everyone to see this.

Flip flip the play.

There are many color blocks in the whole picture. Ours is to find the same color block and click on it, which eliminates and generates integrals. There’s a little mystery about this, and if the more color blocks you gather, the higher the score.

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