Stick hero are born proud, only 3% of the world's people get 100 points!

The stick hero is extremely proud. Everyone has a hero’s dream when they are young, where you can be your own hero once. Pick up your stick and embark on a long journey.

This time the game is a little difficult, you can first try to See Stitches then Pin before practice hands, exercise fingers. Have a warm-up before dinner. This is also super refreshing. Hey, hey, hey, hey~~~~~

The little things about stick hero.

When I was a child, the fields were covered with green bookmakers. The sky above is blue. The white clouds in the distance are as soft as marshmallows. Knowing the cry in the restlessness, the breeze gently blowing over with silk cool.

My little buddies and I were running and playing. Every time we play home games, I want to be a knight. I want it too! I want it too! It’s up and down. What a brave hero a knight is! The wearer, swords and shields, embarked on the journey of the dragon. Imagine a knight out of town. The people are seeing them off below. Ah, hero knight, wait for you to come back. There are even beautiful girls. Flowers and cheers, love you and wait for you to come back! Every time my little buddy starts playing this game, I’m a horse first, with my chest up.

Dragon, it’s time for you to die and fall to the ground. Fall to the ground! Look at my oath of the holy sword. Hey, thin body can’t grab this hero (╥_╥) o.

The stick hero plays.

The little man below the whole picture is our hero. Then the hero’s foot is a step by step, long press the screen appears a magic stick. The longer you press, the longer the stick. Loosen the stick is the bridge that fell to form our hero. We have to reach the back steps so the hero can move on.

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