Hook Hero, I heard that people with IQs above 140 can go up 30 steps!

The hook hero is extremely proud. Everyone had a big dream when they were little. Your dream can come true here. The great hero is for the country and the people.

This game is as fun as the previous stick hero. Exercise your fingers. Have a warm-up before dinner. This is also super refreshing. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

Some things about the Hook Hero

When I was a child, the editor-in-chief sat in the field and looked at a row of houses. Layer by layer. In the distance, the green mountains, the bamboo forests on the mountains, the whole scene of the Biwu Congress.

I’m fantasizing. I am a man who can jump from one roof to another. A big drink, stop the thief where to run? Look at my hook. The thief then ran faster without even greeting, and I chased it desperately in the back. It ran faster, and just then the thief threw a brick. Come straight at me head-on. So I’m a flash of light.

The ground under the house was a little hard, and I felt some silky coldness. The clouds in the sky are so big and soft.

The way the Hook Hero plays

This is shown in the figure below. The hero’s hook rotates automatically. When you see it rotate to the right angle. A click will launch the hook. Each time the upper panel in the hook hook can be one layer higher. Hearts have an unexpected reward in the hook

Click me for a quick experience.