duang!!! duang!!! duang!!! See how colorful you are

duang!!! Brilliant colors come out. duang!!! The color has changed. duang!!! The score is added.

Before you begin, recommend bouce a ball. The editorwas so tired lying on the sofa last night that he opened it. Then it was dawn

duang!!! some little things

Think of when I was a child in art class for the first time to draw colorful landscape paintings. Pick up the crayon left and right. Change the color crayon and put the color on. Near the river, there are a few fish in the river in the cheerful flow, in the distance there is a small forest. There was a hunter in the woods chopping wood with an axe. The hunter’s strong muscles sparkled in the sun.

Sitting next door, my deskmate elbowed a nice shot. A beautiful color scratch was covered. And then I did a perfect fightback. Another sharp color scratch appears. Then we had a friendly exchange. The end result is a glittering sun outside the classroom.

duang!!! How to play this game

As shown in the following image, the color block will fall. When the same colors are added together, the colors deepen. When a layer is the same color, it is eliminated. Come and challenge, duang’s one-off is gone

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