Knife Fast, Look at my knife very quickly

Look at my knife fast, cut cut cut cut perfectly!!! Don’t be greedy, dengdengdeng looks at me so fast, it’s falling apart

Haven’t seen you for a long time, the last issue recommended duang!!! Everyone must be looking forward to the new game! This grand launch of the knife-watching game, but don’t indulge

Knife fast, some little things

Think of watching TV when I was a child, inside the chef cut cucumbers. A whole cucumber is cut into pieces under the sound of dengdengdeng, and in perfect case each piece is about the same as the big one. The knifeman is like a ruler. Then the most oxen is cut tofu. Cut in the water is like a flower in full bloom.

Unwilling to be lonely, I tried it. One hand press sweet potatoes, one hand with a knife dengdengdeng cut, ah ah, cut to the hand, bleeding

Knife fase, How to play this game

As shown in the following image, the middle will see different ingredients next to the knife, click with the dunk of a knife cut down. It depends here on who cuts better. Here’s a little trick ha. Can press do not send has been dengdengdeng , that is how happy, who knows who remember to cut the ingredients quickly remember not to cut

Click on the quick game